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THE GAME OF LOVE / Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders

Glyn Geoffrey Ellis, alias Wayne Fontana, took his name from Elvis Presley's drummer D.J.Fontana and not his record label as is sometimes supposed. Fontana's first band was the Jets, a staple on the Manchester (England) club circuit through 1961-1962. The Jets broke up when two members failed to turn up for an audition with Fontana Records at the famed Oasis club. Wayne had to quickly recruit the services of other musicians already there.

Nonetheless, the record company was impressed and signed the band to a two-year contract. The band was renamed after Dirk Boarded's then-recently released hit movie, “The Mindbenders”. Between 1963 & 64 the band had various levels of chart success in the UK.

From the American perspective, Wayne Fontana and The Mindbenders were part of the ever-growing British invasion of the US pop charts in 1964 & 65. The band's recording of Clint Ballard's “THE GAME OF LOVE” hurled this quartet to the pinnacle of the US charts! American pop radio was swarming with English bands; staying power was hard to predict. In the US, the Mindbenders were not one hit wonders; they were two hit wonders! Unable to follow up with another chart success, Fontana & the Mindbenders parted company in late 1965. However, in '66 the Mindbenders scored again in the US with their 2nd & last top 10 hit, “A GROOVY KIND OF LOVE”!

"THE GAME OF LOVE" peaked @ #1 in the US & #2 in the UK.

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